Review + Giveaway: Slated by Christina Lanier


5/5 stars

Giveaway at the end!

Author sent me the book for an honest review.

“A young girl’s life is turned upside down when a research experiment throws the world into apocalyptic turmoil. Separated from their parents, Hannah, along with her two younger sisters, must brave Earth’s transformed population in an effort to reunite their family. With danger at every turn, survival becomes her sole focus. Struggling to determine whether each person she meets is good or evil, she must also discover how she herself has been slated.

If you’re looking for a young adult book that deals with violence and coming of age in an apocalyptic world, then this is the one for you. This book ends with a ‘happy for now’. The next one is in the works.”

Wow. wow. wow. wow. This was nothing like anything I’ve ever read before. If you’re someone who has kept up with my other posts, you know I love books about survival. Survival is SLATED’s middle name.

This story is about Hannah, a sixteen-year-old girl who would do anything to protect her sisters, 12-year-old Kelsey and 3-year-old Maya. Their whole world changed one evening when their neighborhood was attacked by the “Bad-born.” The epilogue really helps set up the world you’re about to enter and how all this happened. Two doctors, Dr. Lewis and Dr. Abrams, had been creating this serum that when injected into humans, reverted them back to who they actually should be, good, bad, or a blank slate. In other words, someone could be raised to be the nicest person ever but their actual nature is bad and vice versa. If the person is a blank slate they are neither good nor bad.

This book is fast-paced, very well-written, and never once had me wanting to stop. There are some very gruesome body horror scenes that made me sort of cringe but nothing too bad for me. Those scenes showed just how bad the Bad-born are.

Hannah and her sister, Kelsey, are both so bad-ass and I can’t wait to read more about them in the next book. Obviously in most books there are characters you like and ones you don’t like but even with the characters I didn’t like, they were explained so complexly that, for me, made me like them a teensy bit. No character was boring.

I need the sequel right now because it ended with something I suspected all along and now I neeeeeeed answers!!

I definitely recommend checking this book out! Like I said before, there are a lot of violent and gruesome scenes having to do with body horror/torture, so if that’s something you can’t handle or don’t like you can always just skip over those scenes. I don’t think you’d be missing any major plot points.

It’s free on Kindle Unlimited or just $2.99 for the ebook! Amazon link here! Goodreads link here!

I’m also hosting a giveaway on Twitter for a paperback copy of the book! Enter here!

Thank you for reading and I hope you check out SLATED! 🙂

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